To help you find your perfect home, search Fort Leonard's surrounding areas:

St. Robert: Right out the front gate of Ft. Leonard Wood.
Waynesville: Right out the west gate of Ft. Leonard Wood.
Falcon: Located between Plato and Lebanon. 
Plato: Located out the south gate; consists if homes in Eveningshade and Plato with a Plato address.
Roby: Located 9 miles out the south gate; between Evening shade and Plato.
Laquey: Located just outside of Waynesville, about a 20 minute drive to Fort Leonard Wood.


DevilsElbow: Devils Elbow is close to the main gate of Fort Leonard Wood, about a 10 minute drive.
Dixon: Located just outside of St. Robert, it is about a 20 minute drive to St. Robert.
Crocker: Just on the other side of Waynesville, about a 20 minute drive.
Richland: Close to the West gate of Ft. Leonard Wood, off of the 150 exit, about a 20 minute drive.
Jerome: Located between St. Robert and Rolla, it is about a 20 minute drive from St. Robert.
Rolla: Rolla is located just down the interstate, about a 25 minute drive between St. Robert and Rolla.


"EXPECT THE MAX" The Property Management Professionals.

MAXimum Property Rental, LLC is a professional property management company located in St. Robert, Missouri. We specialize in leasing and managing single family homes and have a wide selection of homes for rent in St. Robert, Waynesville, Fort Leonard Wood and the surrounding areas.
Please contact us at 573-336-4205 or 877-472-0854 (Toll Free).

If you have a rental home in this area you need help with, we can manage your home for you. Please contact us today to find out how easy it is to have our professional team take care of your property. Fortleonardwoodrealestate